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Jonathan Viet Pham

Viet is an ex-EPFL, Switzerland – a school known for MIT of Europe. He has more than 8 years working for big corporations such as, Viet Lotus Group, and founded 3 tech companies GoEat GmbH, Calioo Technologies Hong Kong, and Artcific. Now, he devotes his time for Devtify with a vision of making it a great company providing IT services to the world.

Anh Doan

Anh is also co-founder of Devtify Technologies. He has more than 10 years leading tech teams and works for well-known software development companies in Vietnam. At Devtify, he leads the Front-end team to achieve the most beautiful yet efficient websites and mobile apps.

Lai Pham

Graduated from Soongsil University – Korea with a Master degree in Artificial Intelligence, Lai plays an important role in leading the Back-end team of Devtify. He has been working with Viet for 7 years before founding Devtify together.

Kevin Nguyen

With more than a decade working as M&A consultant and Product Owner, Kevin has a great insight of the market’s need and a big picture of many industries. So that he can provide businesses with insightful angles and relevant consultancy.

Phuc Le

Phuc is an exceptionally talented engineer with a strong passion for puzzle and model building. He is behind a lot of beautiful websites and user-friendly UI of many systems.